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Read our testimonials and success stories below:


Becky got a job at Kingwood Outdoor Education at the end of the Nature Beats programme. 

One of our Wild Earther's, she has enjoyed her outdoor experience and overcome her fears of anxiety and social isolation. She is being trained to guide others in the outdoor leisure sector.

"Best thing I have ever done helped me to get a job working for Kingswood would love to carry on will be so sad to leave next week.

Once in a life time opportunity been great for my social anxiety, mental welbeing and honest bunch of people. Made some friends for life."


A has loved coming to the youth group. As you know A lost his brother 2-years ago and he had lost his way a little. He gave up on many different things like Taekwando and tag American football. We heard about this project from yourself (Wild Earth) and I told A about this. He was reluctant at first but eventually agreed and he absolutely loved it. A has a passion for music and it came through coming to the group. This project has massively changed A and if he didn’t come to this group I’m not sure how things would of turned out for him. He has gained confidence and now talks to others. His passion was making music with his loop station and the staff embraced this and offered him 1-1 sessions to help him get started as we didn’t know much about this. I would like to say a massive thank you to the music group and without this I believe the children would miss out on so much. -A's Parent 

Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness at Wild Earth

"Yoga and relaxation has opened me up emotionally and has helped me develop a lot of personal growth. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious in everyday life I remember our sit spots or sensory meditations and I am able to calm myself. I am more in tune with my physical health and feel much more alert daily.

It has affected my life by helping me feel less anxious, surer of myself and feeling more positive than I ever have. Since taking these practices into my life I feel I have grown a lot and I feel healthier for it. I am currently learning to drive and was only brave enough to start because I finally felt self-confident enough through these exercises.

I feel that thanks to the mindfulness I have changed the way I think, and I now rarely have dark or negative thoughts and when I do I can deal with them and carry on with positivity and a bit of motivation."

Nature based music

"Nature based music is a way for me to connect two great loves together and feel like I am part of the earth and the music. Being able to collect the sounds ourselves and hearing the finished piece is such a wonderful journey.

It has affected my every day life by helping me connect more with the sounds around me and reminds me music can be made with anything or anyone very simply but very effectively.

Since I started making nature-based music I have begun to listen closer to the birds and every day noises to find rhythms that happen naturally, it has given me a greater love of bird song and identification and I feel better connected to music again."

Allotment Sessions

"The allotment is an oasis in the centre of Coventry. It is a haven of wildlife and peace. I love coming here and work with the soil. Listening to the birds, tending to the plants has really helped me look after my own mental health."



"Bushcraft has given me the chance to work and live like my ancestors. It has taught me patience and many things about the natural world, about myself and the resilience of life.

It has helped me realise my true passion in life and where I want to be in the future.

I have become more mindful towards the planet and the affect modern man has on the planet. It has taught me the impact our intelligence has had on our world and how we need to change to save it for the future. It reminds me to be thankful every day and be kind to others and the environment, as well as trying to live sustainably.

Bush craft has opened my eyes to energies I wasn’t open enough to feel. I believe I listen much more and speak less, I am gentler towards other people and I am far more sympathetic to the damage we are causing to the planet."