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Through providing structured time in nature, a whole world away from the everyday routines of the workplace, Wild Earth can help your people gain confidence, build trust, pool talents, tap co-creativity and deepen a shared sense of tribe and purpose. Processes can be designed to lean toward being light and practical, or can support a deeper intention toward developing shared vision, values and long-term goals,

or a blend of both.


Request a Bespoke Process

There is nothing like the imperatives of survival to inspire creativity and group efficiency. Please talk to us about what you would like to get out of your programme and about your timescale, budget and preferences, and we will be pleased to come up with something really special for you. We are able to adapt to different accommodation needs and levels of challenge. Wild Earth draws on a blend of tools and processes to facilitate a positive and meaningful experience, including bushcraft and survival, wilderness quest work and music making as appropriate.


Example Courses we Offer:

- Bushcraft team bulding

- Staff Reward Day

- Afternoon session

- Day session

- Overnight camp

- Weekend camp

- Four Day wilderness quest process

"When we are enthusiastic we are intoxicated with passion rooted in our true selves and it   flows into all we do."

- Linda Saccoccio


"Don't cheat the world of your contribution.

Give it what you've got."

-  Steven Pressfield

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The Technology of Inspiration

Personal and team motivation - or perhaps a better term might be inspiration - has proven to be key to the productive and creative edge needed for businesses to succeed in any competitive market place. It is commonly understood, an indeed proven, that to excel in any given task a person or community not only needs the appropriate training, but must also be genuinely driven to do it, and whilst pay and benefits play a role, just as importantly so do a sense of purpose, fulfillment, community and authenticity. People want to work for a company that they are proud of, that they care about, and they want to contribute their unique gifts towards a greater good. People naturally form a loyal sense of tribe given the right conditions, and in doing so become more efficient, driven and creative. The marketplace is as old as civilisation and true inspiration is sourced from what brings us alive.

CSR Sponsorship

Much of the wider work we do at Wild Earth is geared toward disadvantaged community sectors and benefits enormously from sponsorship from those businesses motivated to give back and invest in young people. Money goes toward sponsoring Young People's Emploayability Schemes and work experience for individuals whose lives can be positively transformed by such opportunities.

Wild Earth | Company No. 07715266 | KOCO Community Resource Centre, The Arches, Spon End, Coventry CV1 3 JQ | Tel: 02476 920 025

Email: info@wild-earth.org.uk