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At Wild Earth, our ethos is based on the principles of outdoor experiential learning. We offer a range of programmes for schools and our alternative curriculum programmes provide a unique platform for learning by providing opportunities for personal and social development and team building by increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, perseverance, self-reflection and resilience.


Wild Earth Programmes are bespoke to the needs of individuals and the group. Courses can be anything from 6-12 week programmes running 1-2 days per week depending on the group’s needs.  Courses take place in local Warwickshire woodlands and in local community and youth centres for indoor days.  Some courses include an overnight residential (in various woodland locations in Warwickshire and Derbyshire) which is often a life changing experience that is highly beneficial to the participants.  A residential experience during the programme acts as an incentive and also to enhance team and staff relationships that aid in keeping a young person on track.  An OCN1 and OCN2 in Woodland Survival Skills are available as part of the course if this is suitable for the attending group.  


Wild Earth can also  link in to ASDAN COPE awards and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award being delivered by the school and young people can have modules signed off due to participation in The Wild Earth Programme.  These days can include Bushcraft and Survival, self-development skills, employability skills and readiness for work, college and training placements.


Our clients include secondary schools in Coventry, Birmingham and Solihull and Warwickshire.


"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."

- Rachel Carson


"I feel more confident about meeting and working with new people in new and different environments and with my written work. I learnt more about myself and feel more motivated. I liked being outside and using nature in my art work and I feel more confident and motivated to go for my dream."


-  Hayley, Young Person from a      previous course

An OCN1 and OCN2 in Woodland Survival Skills are available as part of the course if this is suitable for the attending group.  Wild Earth can link in to ASDAN COPE awards and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Accreditation Offered

Course Structure

The programme consists of 1 to 2 service delivery days a week at 5-6 hrs per day and including supervised breaks.  The length of the course is decided on the basis of the group's needs after consultation with the school. Some groups will have an indoor day and outdoor day every week.  Other groups might be more suited to having indoor day one week and an an outdoor day the next week  which is repeated throughout the course.  We are open to collaborating with schools to adjust time frames  to meet individual and group needs.

Course Details

The main aim of the course is to raise self-esteem and confidence of individuals so that they can meet life's challenges at the present and in the future. A direct outcome that we aim towards is re-engagement in education or training. The programmes offer a unique combination of outdoor skills such as bushcraft and survival, fishing, cooking, music, media skills such as photography and film making, arts and crafts, and embedded literacy skills.


Pupils learn about the importance of group and team work, healthy inter-personal relationships and self-reflection on group dynamics and self-development. The course aims to bring individuals closer to the natural world, to understand what sustainability means and learning to respect and understand themselves/those around them and their relationship with the wider world.


Course Contents:

- Meet new people

- Cook over an open fire

- Make campfires without lighter or matches

- Make natural shelters

- Learn map reading and orienteering

- Make water safe to drink

- Find wild food

- Use the skills you have learnt in an overnight self-sufficiency residential

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Please contact us to discuss a bespoke alternative education course for your school.




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