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Meet the team at Wild Earth...


Alex Hampson

Founder and Director

Alex has over 12 years of professional experience in the field of Bushcraft and Survival, though in truth his learning started young in the wilds of the Australian outback and rural Fiji. He has received rigorous training from the best, embodies an exciting blend of skills including an infectious love for the natural world and despite being an emerging leader in the field continues to invest in advanced annual personal training in order to stay sharp and passionate and to offer the richest possible palette of know-how to others. Alex is passionate about the environment and has a rich experience of community development and regeneration by connecting communities with their local environment.


Denise Taylor


Denise is passionate about conversation education and has worked in wildlife conservation since the early 1990s. Denise has specialist experience in wolf conservation and has got a PhD in conservation education. As a business graduate and entrepreneur, Denise is a Business Development and Marketing Communications expert and also has an extensive experience working in the public sector and in the third (not-for-profit) sector, with an emphasis on creative and knowledge industry companies.


Jeremy Thres


Jeremy is a wilderness quest guide, storyteller, theatre-skills facilitator, carrier of Council and public speaker. Jeremy has been involved in nature-based work for over 15 years. He trained with Steven Foster and Meredith Little of the School of Lost Borders, pioneers in the resurgence of modern wilderness rites of passage and also trained in Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute to further support his work. Jeremy lends a rich pan-cultural context in his facilitation as he has gained his rich experience by studying with elders such as Tich Nhat Hanh and Martin Prechtel.


 Geeta Sarcar

Director - Strategy and Business Development

Geeta has over 10 years experience in embedding digital media as a tool of facilitation and communication in community development projects. As a graduate in Political Science and a postgraduate in Design and Digital Media, Geeta has a specialist skills base and understanding of applying technology to development projects - especially working with people from different communities in the UK and in India. Geeta has a rich background of experience in youth work, environmental regeneration, community development, business development, fund raising, arts, media and communications including filmmaking, web design and social media.


 Expert Advisory Panel


Lucy Hinton

Lucy is a trained wilderness quest guide, writer & poet, creative activist, local and international sustainability consultant, earth educator, ecologist and expedition leader. An effective emotional and conceptual communicator, Lucy is an insightful bridge-maker, and applies her skills in various contexts from reflective facilitation to helping groups identify and express the essence of what they are about, through to web work and content creation. Lucy has a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, taught earth education from a young age, co-pioneered creative projects for social change and has traveled and widely from Death Valley to Honduras, Sumatra to Outer Mongolia. She has a deep love of both people and land.


Julian Stanley

Julian is a creative practitioner and expert gardener. He is former head gardener - Henry Doubleday Research Association, Ryton Gardens and a keen allotment holder. Julian has managed gardening projects in schools and gives expert talks in the community. As a creative practitioner, he has worked on Creative Partnerships projects in schools. Julian is also a Ceilidh (Kaylee) caller and runs workshops in the community.


Wild Earth | Company No. 07715266 | KOCO Community Resource Centre, The Arches, Spon End, Coventry CV1 3 JQ | Tel: 02476 920 025

Email: info@wild-earth.org.uk

Programme Delivery Team

Tim Jacques - Positive Pathways Facilitator delivering outdoor skills and self-development skills

Agnes Ashbell - Positive Pathways and Nature Beats facilitator delivering nature based skills and self-development skills

Alex Hampson - Bushcraft instructor, Programme Manager

Geeta Sarcar - Programme Manager, Positive Pathways and Nature Beats facilitator, Evaluation

Julian Stanley - Outdoor skills, Horticulture skills

Mike Rucinski - Music Specialist on Nature Beats



Amanda Barker

Gurinder Dhaliwal